Everything about Flight Delay Compensation

Are you looking for compensation because your flight was delayed? Before you can move forward with the process, you first need to understand flight delay. If the flight is delayed by more than 15 minutes, it is considered a delay, but usually, you cannot claim any compensation unless it has been delayed for three hours or more. There are certain rules that govern the flight delay compensation process and many people are unaware of them due to which they are unable to take advantage. You obviously don’t want that to happen to you.

Not many people find the claiming process straightforward because you have to be familiar with legislation and a lot of other information. In fact, many people have their claims rejected outright because they didn’t know the rules properly and so they lose their chance to get compensated. If you don’t want that to happen to you, it is best to seek an expert’s assistance. Lawyers can usually help in this regard. A flight delay claim calculator can be used for figuring out your compensation, but you should let an expert take the claim forward so you can get what you are owed.

Airlines often stay vague about the reason for the delay to prevent passengers from claiming compensation. Sometimes, they will just offer vouchers rather than giving financial compensation and accepting means that you forfeit your right of getting compensated. While these vouchers can be useful, they can only be used with the same airline and they also expire. In addition, some people don’t know the difference between compensation and refund and so they are unable to get the right amount they are owed. Therefore, expertise is required when you want to apply for flight delay compensation or else you will be left empty-handed after the problems you have faced.