What a World Tour on an Exclusive Jet Charter Feels Like

So many blogs say that an exclusive jet charter is way better than a commercial airline, yet many people still decline on this option of flying exclusively because of pricing. Well, there’s more to the exclusive jet ride experience than what you actually read. An exclusive jet charter gives you premium services, a hassle-free ride and, most of all, a rewarding travel experience from the time you book to the takeoff and landing. There’s no need to worry about pricing too, because if you’re flying in a group and to multiple cities, there’s a flexible flight program you can choose so you can save more and enjoy the rest of the journey.

In my own experience, riding in a private jet is the thrill of a lifetime because it was built for traveling between different cities around the world. You can enjoy a remarkable visit from Seattle, Washington to Kyoto, Japan, the Maldives, Hoi An, Vietnam and Kigali, Rwanda.

The booking is incredibly fast; you can place a call and give your details to the flight team and they’ll dispatch the aircraft within 4 hours. You can also opt for online booking and request a free quote.

The most awaited part was riding in the jet itself. It wasn’t a long wait to be onboard. Just a 10-minute inspection and we were good to go!

We departed in the morning and had a wonderful brunch prepared by the exclusive jet’s chef. The food was delectable! I had a taste of the chicken shawarma sandwich dressed with fresh herbs, cucumber and yogurt. The flight crew’s service was exuberating. I was pampered all throughout my flight. I was surprised at how the British flight attendants served our favorites the way we want it done. It was like having our own chauffeur inside the jet. We had a little get-together with the group in the evening over cocktails and the finest wine selections on board.

Boredom wasn’t an option as we enjoyed streaming live from our devices, connected to the huge flat screen monitors via bluetooth. The high definition speakers made it sound like we were in a theater.

Changing into our winter clothes was a breeze in preparation for landing in Kyoto since our baggage compartment was very much accessible all throughout our trip. The clean and wide interiors of the lavatory was comfortable enough to change outfits in.

The desserts on board were hard to refuse, as they had a trolley full of mouthwatering caviars, ice cream and heavenly croissants with blueberry filling.

For our next stop, we went to Kigali where we learned the history of the Rwandan Genocide in 1994 and had a four-day cruise to Galapagos Islands. Afterwards, we headed to Rio de Janeiro, where we ate a hearty breakfast at a restaurant with a view of the Christ the Redeemer statue and partied with the dancers at the Carnival Grand Parade.

We stayed at the Four Seasons hotel, where we drank coconut water and had a relaxing Brazilian-style massage.

The city of Hoi An in Vietnam was also a memorable visit. We had a taste of Asia from its lantern-lit streets, exotic cuisine and crystal clear beaches perfect for diving. One important landmark you need to go to is the Japanese Covered Bridge. It will definitely look good on your Instagram feed.

The whole trip was magical; we didn’t worry about what to do or how to get around when we reached different cities. Our minds were taken off the stress of catching the next flight since the whole itinerary was planned out very well for us and we had flexible trip schedules. It’s wonderful having the flight team adjust to your travel preferences. I highly recommend getting an exclusive jet charter for your world tour.