3 best lesser-known European destination to visit this autumn

Want to have a trip to Europe this autumn but are tired of the most popular destinations? Here are 3 alternative less famous, but just as great places that you can choose from. Pack your bags and let’s get started!

Budapest, Hungary

Hungary is one of the oldest countries in Europe, with more than 11 centuries of historical events and occupations. The capital city of Budapest was historically divided into 2 cities, Buda and Pesta by the Danube River. The most popular tourist attraction is the Hungarian Parliament which is a gothic masterpiece located on the very shore of the river. There is no better time to observe the pomp and grandeur of this building than the autumn months, and it is especially beautiful at night. If you want to have a truly unique experience, you can buy a tour on a floating bus, and for something more relaxing, you can spend a day at the Thermal baths for just $30. If you want to bring home something authentic, consider grabbing a bottle of palinka, a strong spirit made with fruits such as plums, apples, or pears, but if you’re not a fan of alcoholic beverages, Hungary is also known for such things as paprika, porcelain, and meat cuts.

The Aran Islands, Ireland

Thanks to its amazing autumnal weather, the Emerald Isle is one of the best destinations for your fall trip. The go-to place for those who go to Ireland is obviously Dublin, the capital city, but any experienced traveler can confirm that the real beauty of this state is not the one that you can see in cities. The Aran Islands which are located off the west coast of the country are an amazing place to spend a few autumn days. This group of three small islets together with their cozy cottages and amazing sea cliffs make a place to remember. If a name rings a bell, it is because of the Aran sweaters that were once produced there. A woolen knitted Irish sweater like that makes a wonderful present to bring back home for your loved ones, but also great souvenirs for yourself that will make you remember your journey. You can order the Aran sweaters online nowaday making them accessible and easy to find. Have a look at online stores that sell Aran sweaters as Tara Irish Clothing and get yourself an authentic garment.

Transylvania, Romania

There are quite a few things that Romania is known for, some of them being its amazing castles, the heaviest and biggest parliament in the world, and of course Dracula. We can guarantee you that there won’t be any vampires there, but there will still be lots of things to do. The cities of Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, and Oradea should be on your to-visit list, because these cities, although small in comparison to other European destinations, are a perfect illustration of the country’s history, culture, and religion. You can rent a car and go visit the Bran and Peleș Castles, and for a truly breathtaking experience we recommend going to the Transfăgărășan road. If you’re lucky enough, you can even see a real bear, as there are many of them that like to wander on the highways. As per the souvenirs, you can get Romanian chocolates Rom or the national spirit drink țuica, and Romanian are also great at manufacturing things from wood, wool, and ceramics.